About Me

Hi & Welcome, I’m Wayne

I was lucky enough to be born & bred in God’s own country in Yorkshire where I have lived my entire life in the Huddersfield area

I’ve always had an interest in history for as long as I can remember, partly I believe due to being raised by my Grandparents who had both served in the Second World War so I had a connection with the past immediately

My passion for the Great War started way back in 1997 when I went on my first organised battlefield tour to the Western Front with Leger & that whetted my appetite. So a few years later I went on another & after that I was totally hooked! I must give thanks to the guide Peter Williams who’s love & passion for the subject was a huge inspiration to me & I thought I want to be like that chap!

I then began to explore the battlefields with friends on a self drive basis where I concentrated on the Somme area of France with slight dips into the Salient and to this day I look back on many wonderful trips I’ve had & continue to have with the same friends & my partner Stacey

As I wandered around the many cemeteries across the old battlefields I found myself wanting to know more about those names on the headstones, who were they, where were they from ,how did they get here, what about their lives before the war? They had given so much & this pushed me towards what I enjoy most now, the researching of an individual whether that be a family member or someone else’s

This has led me to some incredible moments in my life such as getting a new memorial installed & dedicated to lost railwaymen at Manchester Piccadilly Station through to an emotional journey taking a Granddaughter to see her Grandfather’s grave in France for the first time after I’d discovered his story for her

Outside of work & the Great War I like to spend time with family, go watch my beloved Huddersfield Town to my detriment at times & I’m an avid reader & movie watcher

Feel free to contact me here or on Twitter @TerrierMcD