Book Recommendations

A selection of recommended books that I’ve read or are in my collection that I feel are essential reading

Zero Hour, Z Day volumes 1 & 2 Jonathan Porter

Somme Lynn Macdonald

British Army Cap Badges of The First World War Peter Doyle & Chris Foster

Rats Alley Peter Chasseaud

Death of a Division David Martin

A Taste Of Success: The First Battle Of The Scarpe Jim Smithson

The Middlebrook Guide to The Somme Battlefields Martin & Mary Middlebrook

Missing: The Need For Closure After The Great War Richard Van Emden

The Somme: Day By Day Account Chris McCarthy

Percy: A Story Of 1918 Peter Doyle

The History of 89th Brigade 1914-1918 F.C.Stanley

British Widows Of The First World War Andrea Hetherington

The West Riding Territorials In The Great War Laurie Magnus

Somme 141 Days, 141 Lives Alexandra Churchill with Andrew Holmes

The Somme 1916: Touring The French Sector David O’Mara

Walking Ypres & Walking The Somme Paul Reed

The Last Battle: Endgame On The Western Front 1918 Peter Hart

Fritz And Tommy: Across The Barbed Wire Peter Doyle & Robin Schäfer

Slaughter On The Somme 1st July 1916 Martin Mace & John Grehan

In The Shadow Of Bois Hugo Nigel Atter

The Last Fighting Tommy Harry Patch with Richard Van Emden

A Frenchman In Khaki Maze P

My Bit A Lancashire Fusilier at War 1914-18 George Ashurst

Manchester Pal : A History of the Two Manchester Brigades Michael Stedman

High Wood Michael Harrison

Doing Our Bit: Middleton 1914-1919 Martin Purdy & ian Dawson

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