The Journey Begins Soon

Thanks for joining me on what I hope will be a blog that you find interesting, informative & most importantly inspires you to want to know more about that incredible generation of ordinary men & women who lived & experienced extraordinary moments in the Great War 1914-1918.

As an amateur myself I wanted to set up something that gives us who aren’t professionals a voice. There are some incredible blogs, websites, podcasts & reading material out there right now but many of these are done by military historians or professional researchers. Don’t get me wrong the majority of these people are fantastic & they have been a huge inspiration & have been extremely supportive to me & others over the years. Through the medium of Twitter I’ve been lucky to be able to interact & learn so much from them in multiple ways. But my hope is that this blog will show everyone there’s a place for us all to share our knowledge however small that may be & to learn from each other. We may not be able to real off which corps a particular division was a part of or which brigade a battalion was in but we can tell stories, share our journeys that we’ve made & things we’ve discovered.

My intention with this blog is to give everyone a good overview with plenty of information but in a way that then inspires you to want to go out there yourself & read or search for more in depth sources by more qualified or experienced persons.

It’ll contain stories which I’ve discovered through my years of research both on my own family & for others. By sharing their stories my aim is that they will live on & their lives will continue to be remembered. We owe them a huge debt & in some way I hope this pays back a little part of that.

I’ll also be sharing images of my visits to the old battlefields of the Somme & Flanders that I’ve been incredibly lucky to have visited over the last 20 years & to give you an insight into the Silent Cities where many lay at rest in these beautifully maintained cemeteries or are commemorated on the incredible memorials dotted across the landscapes.

As an amateur I hope my passion comes through & that you’ll enjoy what you read & see here. Thank you for joining me on this journey