2021 Blog update

Happy New Year everyone!

Well what a year 2020 was and certainly one which many of us will try and forget. It’s been a difficult one on many levels.
But one good thing to come out of it was all the great podcasts, blogs and history groups that many people set up, kindly sharing their knowledge & some amazing images & interesting facts. They have all been a lifeline in 2020 that’s for certain.

I set up this blog back in July after a lot of uncertainty about whether I was up to the job or that anyone would be interested. I have to say the kind comments & support I’ve received have been truly overwhelming. I’m grateful to all the wonderful folk who have agreed to be Guests and for the excellent work they put in. Saying thank you to everyone just doesn’t seem enough.

However as time as progressed I’ve found it more difficult to manage the blog on a weekly basis whist juggling a full time job, spending time with those around me and dealing with the shitshow around Covid. I’ve had too many sleepless nights with ideas or self doubt swirling around in my head, ( I’m to much of a perfectionist & worrier that I’ve got things right) & I’ve spent far too many hours buried in books,on the computer searching out sources instead of spending quality time with loved ones & taking time to look after myself.

So I’ve made the hard decision that for the future I will post blogs on a less regular basis , when time permits basis. Don’t worry Guest Features, which have proved very popular, will continue (And thanks to all the volunteers who’ve stepped forward for 2021) but every couple of months rather than on a monthly basis. I realise that my decision may lose me followers or people will move onto other things but if I’m totally honest it has never been about the amount of followers or likes I get. It was simply about sharing my stories & information and encouraging others especially fellow Amateurs to go out there and to get involved in their own research & share their stories, discover even more through books & with their own visits to cemeteries & the old front line.

Thank you again for all the support and I look forward to sharing some more stuff & welcoming more guests with you during 2021

1 thought on “2021 Blog update”

  1. Your blog should give you pleasure, not be a chore. They have all been interesting and engaging so far so have no doubts. Publish the next one at a time that suits you rather than worry about a timetable.

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